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I use abbreviations for many things:
Precip = Precipitation
SWS = Special Weather Statements
I will continue to add more to this list as I think of them.
I update the forecasts by 7AM and 7PM each day...more frequently if some weather thing is going on.

I am based in Peterborough, NH, but the main forecasts (for now) are for Nashua, NH and the region. I send out an email every Thursday that covers the upcoming weekend forecast. I also send out advisories when issued by the NWS to this list. You will NEVER get SPAM or emails from anyone else. I don't share my mail list with anyone. If you'd like to be a part of that mailing, send your email address to: Mail List


How I started...

I've been a weather hobbyist all of my life. As a child, I used to stand outside in the rain during thunderstorms just to watch the lightning. Back in the '70s getting weather information was a chore. I remember listening to NWS broadcasts during hurricane season and plotting these on a piece of paper. After moving to New England I finally bought my first real weather station made by Davis Instruments. I began to record daily weather data in a journal. I had a few people, where I work, who knew I was a weather nut, ask me to send them an e-mail on the weekend forecast. So two grew to five then 15, then 40, and now my Thursday weekend mail list reaches over 200+ people. I took some web programming classes in the late '90s and a few years after that was born. I wanted to share my hobby with anyone who was interested, and I am quite overwhelmed with how many people seem to be interested. I've gotten so many "thank yous" for a variety of reasons..."saved my party", "saved my wedding", "saved my life." It's been fun and rewarding all at the same time.
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Spring is coming!!!!!!!!!!!


Guess the Rainest Day in April in Peterborough NH

Enter the "Rainest Day in April" Contest.

Win a $50 set of Wiper Blades PLUS Installation
and a $10 iTunes Gift Card = $60 in prizes


Winter is fast approaching.
That means driving a lot more in the dark as the days grow shorter and daylight savings time ends. With snow and rain falling visibility becomes a key factor while driving.
How good that visibility is depends on the quality of your wiper blades. High quality wiper blades can help you see better during the day when
rain and snow are falling, at night that becomes critical under the same conditions. in association with Peters Auto Sales of Nashua is pleased to announce a new contest that may help you see better this winter.
We'll be running a series of contests and giving away a set of RainX Latitude premium wiper blades as the prize.
If you live in southern NH (or close to Nashua) the good folks at Peters will install the wiper blades at no cost to you. If you live outside New England, or too far away to visit Peters, they will ship the blades to you at no cost.
The RainX Latitude wiper blades fit all makes and models of cars, SUVs and light trucks. Each of these sets is valued at $40.

This contest closes when it snows.
(No email addresses are harvested and used for anything other than to award the prize. You will get NO SPAM, ever.)

Guess the Coldest February Day in Peterborough NH

We have a Winner

The "Coldest Day" Contest.
Win a $40 set of Wiper Blades PLUS Two Movie Passes


This contest is closed!!!!

The Email address Drive

Enter email addresses to win a $25 Dunkin Donuts Gift card.

See the details here.

This contest ends December 6th.


This contest is closed!!!!

Enter our HOTTEST Day in July

Win $50 in Service from Peters Nissan of Nashua

Peters services ALL makes and models

This contest is Closed!


SuperBowl 2008-Pick the winner contest--Is over.

See you next year....

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