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I use abbreviations for many things:
Precip = Precipitation
SWS = Special Weather Statements
I will continue to add more to this list as I think of them.
I update the forecasts by 7AM and 7PM each day...more frequently if some weather thing is going on.

I am based in Peterborough, NH, but the main forecasts (for now) are for Nashua, NH and the region. I send out an email every Thursday that covers the upcoming weekend forecast. I also send out advisories when issued by the NWS to this list. You will NEVER get SPAM or emails from anyone else. I don't share my mail list with anyone. If you'd like to be a part of that mailing, send your email address to: Mail List


How I started...

I've been a weather hobbyist all of my life. As a child, I used to stand outside in the rain during thunderstorms just to watch the lightning. Back in the '70s getting weather information was a chore. I remember listening to NWS broadcasts during hurricane season and plotting these on a piece of paper. After moving to New England I finally bought my first real weather station made by Davis Instruments. I began to record daily weather data in a journal. I had a few people, where I work, who knew I was a weather nut, ask me to send them an e-mail on the weekend forecast. So two grew to five then 15, then 40, and now my Thursday weekend mail list reaches over 200+ people. I took some web programming classes in the late '90s and a few years after that was born. I wanted to share my hobby with anyone who was interested, and I am quite overwhelmed with how many people seem to be interested. I've gotten so many "thank yous" for a variety of reasons..."saved my party", "saved my wedding", "saved my life." It's been fun and rewarding all at the same time.
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A Complete array of lawn sprinkler systems and irrigation installations and service in Southern NH, and North Central MA

Anrik's 3G program. what is it you ask, well here it is.

1. Go Green- install rain sensors on systems, upgrade old sensors to new modern sensors, install systems instead of hoses, micro drip for plants. sprinkler upgrades.

2. Be Green- sacrificing on watering scheduling and run times, using rain sensors and delays will still keep the landscapes green.

3. Save Green- the average home wastes over 30,000 gallons of water a year by not having a rain sensor installed or repaired. These simple, and reliable sensors can be installed for under $200.00. Most water bill savings based on Cubic feet will surpass $250.00 annually. The sensors pay for themselves the first year.

Anrik's mission is to save the environment and our customers over 1 Million gallons of water this year.

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Collage Art by Nancy Lefko

Nancy sells a variety of items based on her Collage Art.

You can see and purchase her artistic offerings at:
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Nancy's Blog

Nancy Lefko, featured in the Monadnock Ledger, September 2008

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