USA & World Weather

USA and World Weather

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Notes about this page:

USA Weather: On this page you will find weather maps for all areas of the USA. These weather graphics depict either the expected daily weather for a particular region, or some hazardous weather information, sometimes both. 
World weather: This section features weather maps for five sections of the globe.
Clicking on any graphic will allow you to scroll through the rest of the grahics in that group, otherwise the buttons will take to to a specific region of the world, or section of the USA. 
All of these graphics are updated daily during the evening update.


Today’s Active Hotspot

An area to avoid...

I will feature a location, either in the USA or around the globe, that you may want to avoid.

The Southeastern USA

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The Upper Midwest/Northern Plains/Tennessee Valley

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The Northwest/Southwest/California

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The Desert Southwest/Texas/Western Gulf/Southern Great Plains

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Middle East

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South America

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